About Us


Opened in 2010, Beatnik Betty’s Resale Butik is located in the heart of Appleton’s historic downtown and is owned and operated by Monika Austin. Over the past 10 years the shop has grown from a quirky, practically empty storefront to a destination spot for those with a true sense of style.

Monika grew up in northern Door County, lived for a few years in the South West and finally settled in the Fox Valley in 1998 working mainly in the hospitality industry. Both of Monika’s parents are business owners so she always knew she would one day own her own (although she always pictured it as a restaurant!) After working on her business plan for close to two years she realized what was truly in her heart was resale.

Monika decided in 2010 to follow her love of thrift store shopping and create a unique kind of resale store that offered high quality, hand picked items, at deeply discounted prices, in a relaxing “boutique” environment. Monika also had the foresight to know that she would need to set herself apart from the many consignment stores that were starting to pop up in the area. To do that, she offered 3 things the other stores didn’t. First, she pays cash on the spot. Beatnik Betty’s does not consign – they buy your desired items outright. Second, Beatnik Betty’s carries handmade items from local crafters. It was important for her to be a space in support of independent creators. 3) She developed her own line of clothes just so she could offer her customers something truly one-of-a-kind!

Resale – Buy, Sell, Trade

We are unique because we hunt for and sell only quality pieces that are sure to enhance any wardrobe and we do this by buying, selling and trading locally.  Bring in your former favorites for trade or cash on the spot! Let us know it’s your first time selling to us, and we’ll walk you through the process. Anything Beatnik Betty’s doesn’t purchase, you can take back or donate as we work closely with the Freedom Center in Appleton. We aren’t a consignment store……..it’s quicker than that……..if we accept your items, you can get cash or trade on the spot. Here’s a word of advice…you’ll get the most money for gently loved items if you’re willing to accept trade and really, who wouldn’t like to walk out with something even more fabulous?

Locally Crafted

It has been important to us from the beginning to be a venue for all the great talent in the area so we are a showcase for local vendors. Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend that shows how much you are invested in your community? Look no further because you will find everything from greeting cards to lotions & soaps to jewelry to many, many hand knits pieces. Looking for a place to showcase your creativity? Stop in and let’s talk!

Recycled & Redesigned – ReBetty

Our ReBetty line, created solely from recycled fabrics, offers unique, one-of-a-kind clothing & accessory items designed and created right in the store! Styles include skirts, scarves, handbags and tons of other random things you didn’t know you would fall in love with.  Have a favorite tee that is way past its prime? We will breathe new life into it for you as custom orders are always welcome!

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